Monday, October 13, 2008


Dark dull was the road
Then came a little hope on board
In the darkness , she was the light
As if she had my lost might

I called her a friend
Our friendship did transcend
All the courage, happiness and joy
She put in my hands shy

She was in my accord a person ideal
Burst of energy, passion and zeal
For everyone around, respect and care
Such a parcel with talent and sincerity is rare

Her tiny eyes, a spark of innocence
Her sweet voice, spoke immense
Her notorious smile, twinkling awe
She is sent by Him to disperse love

Pioneered with trust and belief
Our bond firm in pain and grief
Survived even in testing times
Each time our faith climbs

She taught me to cry, to write poetry
I pray our friendship lasts till eternity
For me, she is a treasure I would nurture
All my life, with pleasure.


rupali said...

that is seriously u??

viju said...

hey dat was too guud....waise who is she???lol