Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Think Before You Act

It was Monday morning. I arrived on the station platform and hurried towards the first class compartment to catch the train which had almost arrived. But to my surprise the train stopped few metres before its e.m.u. halt. “Why had it stopped abruptly!!” was the question all around. I did not even try to give it a thought while I hurried to make way to the compartment. Huhh!!! I made it. Confirmed that I had boarded the right train and relaxed on a seat.
Few minutes passed by but the train did not start. I could see people crowding on the platform just outside my window. I tried to penetrate through the human wall. But my attempts to find the cause of chaos were futile. ”I am getting late yaar. Why isn’t the train moving”, “Already the train arrived late” . Such comments diverted my attention. I was well before time and had no reason to worry. Not concerned about what is happening around , I began looking out of the opposite window.
Soon people rushed in the compartment and grabbed the seats. Two people who had just occupied the nearby seats were muttering something between them. I tried to overhear and sensed that it is about the chaos outside. But could not get a precise idea. “What happened outside?”, I asked one of them. He informed me that a person in the train had got fits and was being attended. Now I could figure out why the train had stopped abruptly and the buzz outside.
After a long halt train started moving and thoughts started crowding in my mind. I could recall the snapshots captured during my daily train journey since past few weeks .People rushing past each other to reach the platform, to get into the compartment to grab a seat. Crossing railway tracks. Jumping out of running train. Trying to board a running train. How many do really bother about people around them? Who cares if someone is hurt or if someone falls down.
Just grab hold of “anything” to get in. At times push/ pull whoever you are able to grab as support. Before you realise whether you are moving ahead or you are just pulling someone back, you are swept by the tsunami that follows chanting the mantra-“CHALA.CHALA PUDHE CHALA” . Doesn’t matter how, but just move in!!!
I too commute in the same way. Today I asked myself…..why? why? why?
The repetition is not meant to emphasize the question. But they are three different questions. Each with a purpose of “discovering” an answer.
I answer the first one - to reach my destination.
Now comes the second question –why do you want to reach destination?
To achieve my goal.
Now ask yourself the third question-why do you want to achieve your goal?
The third answer is left to be answered to yourself.
And after you find your answer and your ultimate goal just ask yourself-
Is it necessary to rush on your way everyday? Is it right to act before you think?
This would have been like any other normal day but for the change it has triggered in me. Would such an experience be just another passing day for you?

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